Reduce Costs and Enhance Benefits with Country Credit Club’s Essentials Health Plan

Designed for business owners and HR executives seeking to cut costs while improving employee health coverage, our Essentials Health Plan integrates seamlessly with existing plans to provide comprehensive benefits and significant savings.

  • Lowers FICA taxes by up to $876 per employee per year

  • Reduces worker’s compensation premiums by up to 30%

  • Expands health benefits for employees at no additional cost

  • Includes accident, critical illness, whole life insurance, and more

  • Compliant with IRS, HIPAA, ERISA, and ACA regulations

  • Concierge support from a dedicated client service manager

This innovative plan works by allowing you to establish a self-insured medical expense reimbursement program (SIMERP) alongside your current group health plan. The SIMERP enables pre-tax deductions that lower taxable payroll income for further savings.

Employees gain access to robust wellness tools and expanded coverage at no personal cost or change in net pay. For employers, the rewards are even greater, with reductions in payroll taxes, workers’ compensation, and gross payroll to benefit your bottom line.

Simplify benefits management while cutting costs significantly. Contact Country Credit Club to learn how the Essentials Health Plan can make a difference for your organization. Our team is ready to help you maximize savings and provide enhanced coverage options your employees will appreciate.